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Dr Joanna Lovatt - Smiling couple checking shopping list for Christmas

The Gift that goes on giving

Posted 18 December 2018

With only one week until the big day, how is your Christmas list looking? Finding that perfect present for each of our family and friends can be fun, but usually at least one gift proves elusive.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Lady photographing wedding party

Nice Derma for a White Wedding

Posted 4 December 2018

Just when you thought it was safe to slip into a chunky knit jumper, there often comes an invite to a winter wedding but how do you get yourself looking great? It’s all about dress and derma.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Man wrapped up walking freezing

H&M, Moschino and Man-Shaping

Posted 20 November 2018

The recent collaboration between H&M and Moschino proved one thing – fashion doesn’t hibernate in winter. As the weather gets colder, are you ready to take on the seasonal trends with style?

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Woman laying on bed with dog

Legs 11

Posted 6 November 2018

Most of us wouldn’t mind getting some good ‘legs 11’ - making it appropriate that November is the eleventh month of the year as it is the perfect time to think about your winter legs. Yes, legs in winter.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Man getting a tattoo

The art of choosing a tattoo to last

Posted 16 October 2018

Sometimes spur-of-the-moment decisions are the best we ever make. When our choices have long term consequences, it is always best to take time over them. This includes choosing your next tattoo.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Woman looking at phone

Facial Recognition

Posted 2 October 2018

It can be uncomfortable seeing changes to our faces, particularly those caused by the passage of time. So what can we do when we don’t like what we see in the mirror quite as much anymore?

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Tattooed couple walking

From romance to regret

Posted 18 September 2018

Breaking up is hard to do, as the well-known song tells us. It also happens pretty often, meaning long after the romance has gone though, many women today are left feeling a sense of regret.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Body confident woman

A lasting impression

Posted 4 September 2018

A lasting impression stands the test of time. From that teacher who inspired you at school to memories of your last holiday, lasting impressions are usually the best. It’s exactly the same when it comes to treatments too.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Lady with nail art in Autumn

Nail your look this Autumn

Posted 21 August 2018

Whilst the festive period is definitely too far off in the distance to think about, there is one season worth getting ready for - autumn. Now is the time to plan ahead so you can truly nail your look this autumn.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Man drinking water at sunset

Why we should have ice in the heatwave

Posted 9 August 2018

The mercury has been high for months now, which means we’ve all been looking for ways to stay cool. Ice is a great go-to in hot weather, but have you discovered its full potential?

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Couple smiling whilst on piggyback

The Gift of a Smile

Posted 24 July 2018

Most of us would agree that not many things in this world can beat a smile. When we smile it brightens our day and the days of those around us, surely then it would be good if we could all worry less and smile more?

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Laser tattoo removal

Tatt's all folks!

Posted 10 July 2018

It’s a good idea to find out as much as you can in order to see if laser tattoo removal is right for you and your body. So if you are thinking about leaving an un-loved inking behind, consider a few questions first...

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Laser tattoo removal

Regrets, we've all had a few!

Posted 21 June 2018

We are all prone to the occasional fashion faux-pas, but some style choices are a little more permanent – like tattoos. Body art may seem like a brilliant idea at the time, but feelings don’t always last as long as the result.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Bride and groom, wedding picture

Wedding belle season is here

Posted 7 June 2018

According to Bridebook, 8 of the top 10 most popular wedding dates for 2018 fall between now and September. So with the season for wedding bells and belles upon us, are you ready to look your best for the big day?

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Woman relaxing in sunshine

Here comes more sun exposure

Posted 22 May 2018

Figures released by ABTA for last year show the amount of holidays we take is on the rise. Spending time in the sun can do us a lot of good but if we’re not careful, our favourite heat source can cause us trouble as well.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Woman relaxing in sunshine

Here comes the sun exposure

Posted 10 May 2018

From getting us out in the fresh air and improving our mental health to being a beautiful source of vitamin D, the sun offers so much – but we should always treat it with respect as well as love.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Attractive woman trying on a hat. Happy summer shopping

Regain the right to bare arms

Posted 24 April 2018

At this time of year, most of us start to think seriously about our summer wardrobes with the excitement of a new, sunny season ahead. It is also this time when the safety of sleeves disappears!

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Lady laying on her side

The value of confidence

Posted 10 April 2018

Some of us are naturally outgoing and others are more comfortable with quietness. There is an intrinsic value to confidence that can make us healthier, happier and ready to live well.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Man on a beach

Brace yourself men, summer is coming!

Posted 27 March 2018

Summer style can bring with it some problems - from budgie smugglers to board shorts, the arrival of summer means it is harder to hide the bits of our bodies we don’t like.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Doctor with clipboard

The secret to a successful consultation

Posted 13 March 2018

Whatever body concerns you have or procedure you may be considering, one of the best ways to achieve a successful consultation is to ask questions that will get you the answers you need.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Woman wearing nice clothes, handbag posing on turquoise background

Time to love your body again

Posted 27 February 2018

Many women find it hard to regain their shape after pregnancy and lose confidence in their appearance, but with a little help it is possible to love your post-baby body again with a range of non-invasive treatments.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Woman wearing nice clothes, handbag posing on turquoise background

Be more confident in your couture

Posted 13 February 2018

Spring and summer 2018 is all about colour therapy, prints, patterns, feathers and fringes. Just as now is the time to plan your summer wardrobe, now is also the time to plan your summer body.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Lady looking at herself in the mirror

The A-Game in anti-ageing

Posted 30 January 2018

All around us the great and the good are out to impress on the red carpet but if the thought of young, beautiful skin has you reaching for comfort rather than feeling confident, there is a new treatment in town.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Legs on a bed

How will 2018 shape up for you?

Posted 16 January 2018

It’s the beginning of a new year, the time when we look forward and determine to make our lives better. Kick-starting your new regime can be hard, but there are options to help make 2018 the year you get in shape.