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Start the New Year with a Resolution Revolution

Posted 8 January 2019
Dr Joanna Lovatt - Celebrating New Years with champagne

The new year is here! Whether you were sad to leave 2018 behind or glad to see the back of it, 2019 has arrived and it is full of promise. As we look forward, many of us will have attempted to maximise this potential by making some new year’s resolutions.

With so many positive steps taken every year, it’s surprising that we are not a nation of healthy, rich, well-read marathon runners. The reality though is that despite good intentions, we rarely accomplish our resolutions. In fact even making it beyond January puts us ahead of the curve. So what stops our success – and could it be time for a resolution revolution?

Organised challenges like Dry January, Veganuary and for the ladies, Januhairy, all reflect the fact that the most common resolutions we make are about our bodies. Looking good and feeling good are clearly important to us and that’s, well, a good thing.

Keeping ourselves physically and mentally healthy is a big deal, so it’s worth putting the effort in. The problem with resolutions though is that they can simply prove too difficult. Our enthusiasm often disappears soon after the Christmas decorations, but there are some steps that could make things far more do-able.

Firstly, tell people about what you hope to achieve. Our personalities will determine whether this involves a mass Facebook post or just going to a few trusted friends. Either way others can encourage you, plus there will be no chance of giving up without having to explain yourself!

Keeping your resolutions specific can also help. Losing weight and getting in shape are excellent ideas, but really hard to measure success by. Setting a goal weight or choosing a pair of jeans you’d like to get into makes things much clearer. Breaking down one large target into smaller, more manageable ones will help too. Regular little achievements are great at keeping motivation high.

Another massive factor in motivation is our mood. Willpower will get us so far, but emotions can do much more. After all, life is easier when we feel positive. Self-care became a buzzword in 2018 and not before time. Regularly taking time to take care of ourselves can have a massive impact on our emotional, mental and even physical health. In turn, this can play a huge part in helping us stay on course with our resolutions.

Therefore, if you are hoping to get in better shape during 2019, then treating yourself to a treatment could help you go a long way with your resolution. Or any resolution.

3D Lipo uses fat freezing and ultrasound for fat reduction, radio frequency for skin tightening and vacuum rollering to improve cellulite and skin tone. Non-invasive and pain free, it is the ideal way to lose inches as a start to your plans or a pick-me-up part way through. Perfect to combat muffin tops or contour bums, tums and thighs, 3D Lipo could leave you looking and feeling great – fantastic self-care to help keep up motivation.

Contact me for a free consultation by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517 and start a revolution in how you take on your resolutions this year. Bring on 2019!

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