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Don't Act Your Age

Posted 19 February 2019
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As the film industry award season swings into action this year one British actress is proving a firm, well, favourite. Olivia Coleman, star of The Favourite, has picked up accolades at every major event so far and is fast becoming hot Hollywood property.

All her fame and acting prowess haven’t left her free from one persistent press theme though – her age. At 45 she’s already being referred to as an older woman - Dame Judi Dench must feel decrepit! In a world where our years may define us, we’d probably all like to look a little younger. Could it be time to take control so we can look and act anything but our age?

It can easily get us down, but our age should simply be numerical. Looking good and feeling good are closely linked, so if you want to leave your age behind here are some positive steps that could take the years off and let you live happier.

1.Get some sleep

When we’re asleep our bodies get a chance to repair some of the damage they encounter during the day. Too little sleep can leave us with dry skin, spots and dreaded dark circles around our eyes. Make the most of your body’s repair time with Juvilis’ Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Cream – it helps your body to do even more while you rest.

2. Eat well

What we put inside our bodies affects how they look on the outside. Drinking a little green juice a day does wonders. Try kale, watercress and vitamin A-filled carrots to help your body look its best.

3. Makeover your make-up

Most of us have our faithful, go-to staples, but if you haven’t changed your products in a while, there may be new developments available that could leave you looking even better. Take advantage of a make-up counter makeover and see what style suits you best.

4. Get a haircut, or rather a new one

Something as simple as a new hair-do can change our whole appearance. A quality stylist will be able to leave your face softly framed for a younger look. Longer fringes are also great at subtly hiding forehead fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Smile

Spending time doing things you enjoy with people you love will boost your mood and your body. Smiling lifts us and our look – what could better?

6. Exercise

From dog-walking to dance classes, taking care of our bodies will keep them in top condition and leave you literally feeling younger. It will also do your mental health the power of good.

7. Get in shape

Despite all our best efforts, age can bring with it some unwanted extra fat. Double chins, upper arm, under-bum and bra fat can all appear, leaving us looking our age. Or worse, older. These fat deposits can be stubborn and difficult to shift, but cryolipolysis could get you back in youthful shape. It’s virtually pain free and needs no downtime so with minimum effort you could lose both fat and years.

To discover Juvilis products or discuss cryolipolysis, Contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517 and arrange a free consultation. Look, feel and act anything but your age.

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