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See the back of annoying back fat

Posted 2 July 2019
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If we were being honest, most of us could probably name at least 5 little things that annoy us in life. Lateness? An unexpected item in the bagging area? Piers Morgan? Whatever piques your patience, the chances are you’re not the only one. And the same could be said for body niggles.

If these were listed as well, I’m sure at this time of year hayfever and sunburn would be near the top. Oh and back fat.

In addition to being the season when the sun shines and pollen flies, summer is also when lots of us turn to strapless dresses and swimwear. If either of these looks trouble you by showing up stubborn back fat though, don’t worry. There is a treatment than can help you see the back of it for good.

In short, when we consume more calories than we use, the leftovers are converted into fat and stored for another day – all over the body.

The problem comes when we do this too often and our fat stores become a little noticeable. With upper back fat, this means embarrassing bulges around the bra strap area and spilling over strapless dresses. Back fat can be especially stubborn to shift, but there are 3 things that can help.

Firstly, adopt a healthy diet. Eating well doesn’t necessarily mean eating less, we just need to make sure we’re putting good things into our bodies. Filling up on fruit, vegetables and lean proteins like pork loin, eggs, fish and nuts will leave less spare fat to store.

Pair this with drinking plenty of water for a winning combination.

Secondly, exercise is important too. Cardiovascular exercise is brilliant for burning calories and the great thing is anything from a swimming session or brisk walk around the block to a Parkrun counts. Toning your back will also have an impact. Stronger back and shoulder muscles improve posture and shape, so it is worth trying some dumbbell exercises.

If you don’t have a set, a water bottle in each hand will do a great job instead – plus they provide a drink when you’re finished!

However, both diet and exercise present problems when it comes to losing back fat. Eating well and regular cardio workout are brilliant at reducing fat levels, but they do it all over the body. It is impossible to target back fat, which is often the hardest to lose. Toning too will only go so far. It is easier to target a specific area, but it strengthens muscle rather than removing fat.

Don’t worry though - because cardio, toning and diet all work fantastically as follow-ups.

As part of 3D Lipo, I offer cryolipolysis treatment which uses a very cold temperature to destroy fat cells and allows a specific area like the upper back to be targeted. Pain-free and with no need for downtime, cryolipolysis is the perfect treatment to begin your back fat loss journey. Eating well and exercising will then help to maintain your amazing new look.

To book a free consultation, please contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517. Let traffic jams be the most annoying thing about summer this year.

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