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Show your nose some love

Posted 13 August 2019
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If sore eyes, a streaming nose and cowering at flowers all sound like a standard summer to you, then the chances are you’re one of the 10 million people in England who have hay fever. And now pollen season is finally on its way out, you may be one of 10 million who is doing less sneezing and more thinking.

Maybe you are considering taking out shares in a tissue company. Maybe you are conditioning yourself to stop automatically buying antihistamines. And maybe you are thinking that your poor red nose deserves some proper TLC at last.

As allergies go, hay fever is far nearer the annoying end of the scale that the dangerous one. But it does do annoying very well. The condition is caused when the immune system identifies innocent pollen as harmful. It then produces histamines in the blood stream to try and see off the perceived threat. These histamines result in symptoms like a runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion and sneezing. Sound familiar?

Looking more closely, pollen isn’t the only offender. Dust mites and pet fur or feathers can cause similar problems. In fact, there are even three different types of pollen released at different times of the year.

Tree pollen appears first in spring, followed by grass pollen at the end of spring and into summer. Lastly weed pollen is released in autumn, so apologies if that’s your poison and you’ve still got the problem to come. While different people suffer with different allergens and even different types of pollen, the results are usually similar. And those results don’t always go away when the reaction does.

A summer (or autumn) of sneezing can not only leave your nose sore, it can cause tiny blood vessels in the skin to break – which can’t be soothed with Sudocrem. The tiny red or ‘spider’ veins left behind are harmless, but often embarrassing. They have an ageing effect and a habit of drawing unwanted attention to themselves.

If you’d rather not have a red nose all year round, thankfully ThermaVein® can see-off annoying red veins for good.

I genuinely love this treatment. It is simple, effective and rightfully has the honour of being the gold standard treatment for facial red vein removal. It’s also the only vein procedure licenced for treating the nasal septum, which is pretty handy for hay fever sufferers.

ThermaVein® uses a process called thermocoagulation to treat veins with pinpoint precision. A thermal pulse instantly and permanently closes problem veins so they cease to exist. Forever! With no risk of pigmentation or scars, it is the perfect treatment to leave your nose looking lovely again and you feeling more confident all round.

ThermaVein® won’t stop your hay fever, but it will stop you being stuck with the after effects. For more information or to book a free consultation, contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517. Show your nose some love after a summer of sneezing and get ready to step out with confidence again. Oh and leave the concealer at home as well.

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