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Posted 3 September 2019
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Bank holidays can be some of the best times of the year. Whether you spent last weekend at the beach, walking, skydiving or doing some DIY, you probably weren’t the only one. But how much planning did you put into it?

Whether you swear by spur-of-the-moment decisions or prefer to spend at least a month planning ahead, bank holidays are all about relaxing, taking a break and having a little me-time. And in that way, they are pretty similar to aesthetic treatments.

However, aesthetic treatments can definitely benefit from planning. Even Botox, where a little preparation can go a long way.

So if you’re fed up with fine lines or wrinkles and want the best Botox experience, be prepared.

In the same way that you can get more from your exercise by warming-up and cooling-down, you can get the best from a Botox treatment by following a few easy steps beforehand and afterwards.

Firstly, if possible in the lead up to a treatment, avoid alcohol. Sorry. The problem with any booze is that it can thin the blood and so lead to more bruising following the injections. If it helps, remember there will be plenty of time to toast your new look with a glass of something very soon afterwards. Plus, you’ll feel like celebrating then anyway.

As opposed to alcohol, water is the one drink I’d recommend having plenty of pre-treatment. Keeping hydrated will help your skin to be in peak condition, ready to receive the Botox and recover quickly. Eating lots of leafy greens like spinach and kale will also aid with your recovery as they contain vitamin K. This helpful vitamin is known to reduce bruising and swelling, two minor side effects of Botox.

It is also unsuitable to have Botox while you are pregnant or breastfeeding, but these probably fall into a wider planning status.

One of the many bonuses of Botox is that it does not require any downtime, leaving you free to get on with your day and your life. However, to maximise the impact of your treatment, it is best to put off doing three things immediately afterwards.

Although it may be tempting to see how your face feels, try to avoid pressing or massaging the treated areas as your Botox needs a little time to settle.

For the same reason, it is a good idea to skip any strenuous workouts for a day after treatment. I’d also recommend not sleeping for a little while after as it is beneficial to prevent any pressure being put on the face during that period. Not only will this help to achieve amazing and consistent results, it will stop you feeling sore. If you’re into afternoon naps, book a morning appointment so you can still doze later.

Botox is a brilliant, simple and effective treatment that will safely reduce the appearance of ageing fine lines and wrinkles. To get the very best from your Botox experience, a little planning goes a long way – as does choosing a fantastic practitioner.

Contact me to discuss Botox treatment at the Fordingbridge Beauty Salon by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517. Remember - be prepared.

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