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Niksen - how will you do nothing?

Posted 22 October 2019
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Following hot on the heels of hygge and lagom, the latest lifestyle concept to reach our shores is 'niksen'. Fresh from Holland, the practice of niksen is all about, well - nothing.

That is, the benefit of doing nothing. Long seen as laziness and the preserve of students everywhere, it turns out we can all gain from doing less. So is it worth it? And in today’s 24-7 society, how can we cultivate a culture where we all do a little more nothing?

Where hygge is about creating happiness through cosy times and lagom about living life in balance, niksen hails the power of spending time doing nothing. And the latest wellbeing idea could well be on to something.

Recently, researchers claimed our happiest year in the past century was 1957. Guaranteed there was a baby boom going on so clearly a lot of people were enjoying themselves, but why else were people happy? After all, you had to get up to change the TV channel! There were no McDonald’s, no Parkruns, no seatbelts and no smartphones. NO SMARTPHONES!

The research claimed people were more appreciative, but perhaps they just took time to be appreciative. Perhaps they just took time.

Today we are encouraged to be active and that is a good thing, but let’s be honest - things can get out of hand. Long work hours, busy commutes, appointments and time spent looking after family can all leave us precious few minutes to ourselves. Too soon active becomes busy becomes stressed.

And when we do get some downtime, our screens are very good at filling the gap.

Niksen suggests we stop sometimes and lose ourselves in the moment. It literally means to be idle and do nothing, or do something with no use. This may sound like laziness, but is actually a great way to let our bodies recharge on every level. Niksen time can leave us feeling less anxious, give us a stronger immune system and slow down the ageing process. Remarkably it can increase our creativity too.

So how does one niksen? By daydreaming and doing anything without purpose. Simple things like lying on the sofa, staring out of a train window and knitting are all perfect for niksen. Providing you can knit without having to perspire over every stitch. Listening to music or taking the dog for a walk are also great. Just remember to forget the moment!

You may be surprised to read that treatments can help with niksen as well.

Patient experience is very important and I provide a relaxed, comfortable space where clients can really switch off and enjoy some me-time. With many treatments so pain-free that people fall asleep during them, it’s easy to see how you can simply lie back, switch off and let your thoughts drift.

Procedures like 3D Lipo and Thermavein provide the perfect opportunity to take care of yourself in so many ways. You definitely deserve it and you can still post your treatment photo on Instagram before or afterwards!

If you want to help both body and mind, contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517. Spend some time doing nothing and reap the benefits of niksen.

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