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Unlocking the Secret of your Skin Microbiome

Posted 14 November 2019
Dr Joanna Lovatt - Face wash, exfoliation

Last month the Oxford English Dictionary announced the new words included in its latest quarterly update. On the list are 650 terms which are either completely new or have had their meanings amended.

Included between ‘abugida’ (a system for arranging characters or words in a particular sequence) and ‘whatevs’ (the teenager answer to everything, ever) are ‘bicycle-sharing’, ‘cryptocurrency’ and ‘lightsabre’. Using The Force or not, all these words have made their way into our language in a big way. So where, you may ask, is ‘microbiome’?

Actually it’s already there because the new darling word of the skincare world isn’t that new. For many years our microbiome simply went overlooked, so what is it and why should we start caring about it now?

In short, microbiome is the term for the various microorganisms in a particular environment. Like your gut and skin. Both these little ecosystems contain thousands of bacteria which help our bodies function well. Where the gut microbiome impacts our immune system, the skin microbiome takes care of our skin health.

It helps your skin to look good and absorb well. It protects against acne, irritation and premature ageing. How? Essentially, our skin microbiome communicates with our skin immune system to keep everything in tip-top condition. Intriguingly research is indicating our skin microbiome also communicates with our gut microbiome – healthy outside, healthy inside!

Most of us are probably familiar with drinks and yoghurts which contain ‘good’ bacteria to help our insides, but there are lots of ways to help our skin too.

Skin microbiomes are pretty personal things. Our genes, our gender, how old we are and where we live will all have an effect on their exact make-up, but generally the key is a diverse balance of bacteria and a pH level of around 5.

So, go careful when you wash. Over-washing the skin, hot showers, wipes and even anti-bacterial gels can all damage the microbiome by eliminating both good and bad bacteria. Obviously washing is a pretty necessary activity, but take it easy on your skin as you soak.

Your microbiome will also love you if you sweat, use less alkaline products and protect it with a mineral-based SPF.

Speaking of products, if you want to boost your microbiome as well as reduce wrinkles and have glowing skin, then the Juvilis range is perfect. Debris from dead cells can build up on the surface of the skin and inhibit the work of your microbiome.

Using Juvilis’ Perfecting Cleanser will gently exfoliate and peel away dead skin while encouraging healthy regrowth. It also has 3 big microbiome-friendly ingredients - hyaluronic acid, spirinula and the prebiotic aloe vera. These moisturise, nourish the skin’s barrier and strengthen good bacteria – all while softening and evening skin tone.

Juvilis’ Day Lotion is designed to illuminate skin and deliver anti-ageing treatment deep into your dermis .As an added bonus, it can also do a lot to support your microbiome. Again containing spirinula, it also has goodies that protect the essential fatty acids your ‘biome needs.

To discover the benefits of the Juvilis range, or arrange a free consultation about any of the treatments I offer, contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517. Get your skin looking great and ready to do good.

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