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Toys, Thermals and Thermavein

Posted 28 November 2019
Dr Joanna Lovatt - Christmas party in high heels

It’s official, the John Lewis Christmas advert has landed. It is now acceptable to talk all things festive - and of course, discuss how adorable Excitable Edgar the dragon is. Whether you’re more of a sparkle fairy or grumpy Grinch, there’s no denying Christmas is coming and it’s time to get set for the festive season. Bring on the toys, thermals and ThermaVein.

The Toy Retailers Association recently unveiled their Top 12 Dream Toys list for 2019. Unsurprisingly after all the big children’s films this year, a host of licenced products were included.

Who wouldn’t love to hear a singing Elsa doll on repeat all day, after all? It wasn’t all film franchises though, some traditional brands made the grade too. So, if you know someone into Fortnite, Frozen 2, Barbie or Lego, buy sooner rather than later. Don’t forget the batteries or earplugs.

If you’re more interested in style than toys, get ready to dig out those thermals. They may have a boring image, but thermals do wonders for keeping us snug. Being warm encourages us to stay active and get out in the fresh air – which helps our physical and mental health.

The must-have ladies piece at the moment is M&S’s Padded Duvet Coat. Yes, you can go out wearing the warmth of your duvet. Gents, don’t feel left out, they also do a cosy borg-lined cord jacket. Thermals never looked so good.

Whilst you’re staying snug and sorting out presents for everyone, don’t forget yourself.

Christmas brings a whole host of parties, visits and trips – times when we want to feel full of festive cheer, not fretful about our appearance. Rosy-red cheeks may look the part, but unsightly broken red veins are not so appealing. Thread veins create blemishes that can leave us feeling self-conscious, however they need not be permanent.

If you yearn for a lovely complexion, take that concealer off of your Christmas list and ask Santa for a treat that will last. Or rather a treatment.

ThermaVein® is the gold standard treatment for red vein removal. Non-invasive, safe and permanent, the treatment produces fantastic results, but what is it all about? After the top toys, here are some top facts about ThermaVein.

  1. ThermaVein uses a thermal pulse to permanently close a problem vein so it ceases to exist. Job done.
  2. It is the only vein treatment licensed for treating veins on the eyelids and nasal septum, two thread vein hotspots.
  3. ThermaVein works fast, or rather, instantly. It is incredible to watch the treatment working right in front of your eyes.
  4. No down time is needed. This means no days off work, no waiting to feel better and no plastering yourself in odd-looking creams.
  5. It is safe. Unlike laser or IPL treatments, there is no risk of pigmentation, scarring or burns.
  6. It is suitable for men and women – no sexism in sight.
  7. ThermaVein causes only minimal pain. It won’t hurt, really.
  8. I love performing this treatment!

Christmas is coming so get set to look fantastic this festive season. Contact me to arrange a free consultation by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517 and see how ThermaVein can make you smile all year round. Mince pie?

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