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Winter Wonder-hands

Posted 10 December 2019
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere we go – which means presents to buy, food to order and an array of outfits to arrange. Whether you’ve already decided on your precise Christmas schedule or are still trying to swerve seeing certain relatives, the chances are the festive season will bring with it a host of opportunities for parties and events.

Time to look fabulous. Dressing up or down, don’t forget the accessories this year. Like make-up, a little bling and some winter wonder-hands.

This year, there are some fantastic nail trends to help you feel festive. From just taking-it-up-a-notch to outright big and bold, there is pretty much something pretty for everyone. If you love classic, the French manicure is still going strong this season. Pale pink and crisp white is perfectly acceptable, but for a top twist try a ‘French Indian’. This Eastern influence sees those nude tones swapped for spicy red-browns, complemented with gold tips. Who doesn’t love shiny at Christmas?

If tips are too much effort, the spiced theme continues with colours inspired by turmeric, paprika and cinnamon all set to be popular over the festive period. Fear not if you love sparkle though, because glitter and pearl appliques will look as perfect as ever.

If you find large pieces of glitter difficult to work with, go for one of the many stylish shimmer polishes. Think decadent and glitzy gold, twinkling silver and sparking pink. And don’t forget a pearl or two, provided you won’t be doing the washing-up.

Other top colours are the classic robin red, high-shine navy, olive green and steel grey. Something for every outfit.

If you feel winter wonder-hands are a world away though, don’t worry you aren’t alone. Regardless of how on point our nails look, many of us struggle with unwanted warts, skin tags and age spots on the hands. These attention-seeking blemishes so often steal our limelight and leave us feeling embarrassed. Thankfully like our advent calendars, their days could be numbered.

Warts have got a very negative image over the years, but although they can be ‘caught’, they are not generally a sign of uncleanliness. Rather, they are the result of a virus that can be spread by surface or close skin-to-skin contact. Harmless, but often embarrassing, itchy and painful, warts are not the friends of wonder-hands.

Likewise, skin tags. Sometimes mistaken for a wart, a skin tag is a small and skin-coloured growth. Made of loose collagen and blood vessels, they aren’t dangerous, but can look unpleasant and be painful if snagged. Less painful, but equally unwanted are age spots. These small patches of darker skin are caused by overactive melanin, usually as a result of long-term sun exposure.

Thankfully, your hands have a powerful ally - cryolipolysis. This quick and easy treatment I offer can safely and effectively banish unwanted blemishes for good. Using a very cold temperature, cryolipolysis can freeze and destroy warts, skin tags and age spots with millimetre precision – fast.

Don’t spend another festive period feeling embarrassed, book an appointment so you can shine inside and out. Contact me to arrange a free consultation by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517and say goodbye to embarrassing blemishes and hello to winter wonder-hands. Pass the nail polish.

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