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The Gift of Giving

Posted 19 December 2019
Dr Joanna Lovatt - Opening Christmas presents

What’s on your Christmas list this year? As the big day approaches, are you hoping for fashion, fragrance, technology or simply time with loved ones?

Perhaps right now you’d rather have 5 minutes’ peace. And a large glass of Baileys. How about the list of presents you have to buy for others? Is everyone sorted, or are you still after something special for someone even more special? Whether you find choosing the perfect Christmas present stressful or delightful, there is beauty in giving.

If you’re after a little inspiration, read on and if appropriate, pour that glass of Baileys.

Over the years, some impressive treats have been left under the tree. In 2005, celebrity A-listers David and Victoria Beckham ditched the Argos catalogue and went overboard on the spending. The bling must have outshone the tree lights as Victoria unwrapped her Boucheron ruby and diamond necklace worth a whopping £1.8 million. Especially given David accessorised it with a diamond encrusted handbag and custom-built Rolls-Royce Phantom. Ho ho ho!

The Beckhams didn’t come close to topping what is possibly the world’s most expensive Christmas present though. That honour goes to the priceless jewel received by Catherine the Great. From herself. A lover of sparkly things, Catherine’s eye was caught by a splendid 189 carat diamond the size of half an egg.

Officially it was gifted to her by her lover Count Orlov, but in reality he could never have afforded such a rock. It’s more likely Catherine bought it herself, but wanted to hide her squandering of the the state budget. She certainly wouldn’t be the last woman to buy her own present.

Not as costly, but by far the biggest Christmas present ever has to be the Statue of Liberty. Gifted by France to the US, it must have been a nightmare to wrap. Size may not be everything, but there is a lot to be said for an unusual present. If you fancy quirky then beard glitter, personalised photo pants and stretchy poo are all set to be popular this year. Well, they beat socks.

For something more suitable though, can I recommend giving a treatment experience? As unique as the recipient, a treatment experience is a beautiful gift that is far from the usual. From Botox to blemish removal, treatments give the chance to leave your loved ones feeling fabulous on both the outside and the inside. Maybe you have a close friend who would love a confidence boost in the New Year, or a parent who’s been considering a treatment for some time.

Giving a treatment, or part-treatment, means giving something that won’t break, go out of date or be in a charity shop by the end of February. I offer bespoke sessions at both the Southern Independent Medical Practice in Salisbury and Fordingbridge Beauty, so view my website for inspiration and a look at all the procedures available. Wrapping paper not included.

There’s a real beauty in giving, so contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517 to discuss treatments or arrange a free consultation. Merry Christmas and pass the Baileys.

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