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Non-Injectable Facial Fillers

BOTOX® and dermal fillers are increasingly popular but not everyone wants to use needles to get the benefits - now you can get the efficacy of a filler without the need for an injection.

The revolutionary cosmetics brand, Juvilis have created a cosmeceutical technology that enhances absorption through skin follicles and their range of cosmetic products are now available through Dr Joanna Lovatt.

The exclusive patented Juvilis Deliverytrans® system, allows a deeper than ever absorption of key ingredients.

Juvilis absorbable fillers contain ingredients that to date have only been used in injected aesthetic products and which now, can reach deeper skin layers through skin follicles for a greater anti-aging efficacy.

Science - Absorption through skin follicles

Follicles have a minor barrier function compared with the skin surface allowing a greater absorption of active ingredients, reaching deeper skin levels.

The Juvilis formulas with their patented delivery technologies boost follicular absorption, which means that the key ingredients can pass through the follicle opening and be absorbed via the walls of the follicle.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Juvilis Absorbable Fillers

HSP-Like®: The formulation of the ingredients means they can pass through the follicle opening

Fillertrans®: Allows an initial absorption of ingredients through the follicle wall, giving a mesotherapy or plumping

Deliverytrans®: Allows a reservoir of the key ingredients to be absorbed over time to give a firming effect

Applications: Antiaging line with Absorbable Fillers

For the first time a cosmetic line uses the same fillers that are injected in aesthetic medicine. Follicular absorption allow these fillers to penetrate into deeper skin layers. Each of the products uses the most convenient filler according to its performance.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Tricalcium Phosphate icon

Tricalcium Phosphate

Mid-term degradation filler, improves skin elasticity

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Hydroxyapatite icon


Mid-term degradation filler, improves skin roughness

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Poly-l-lactic icon


Versatile filler, improves cell turnover

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Hyaluronic Acid icon

Hyaluronic Acid

Sensible areas filler, improves skin moisture

Product Range

Juvilis products are the first skincare line using follicular absorption combined with fillers and other key ingredients to offer you four innovative new anti-aging products.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Juvilis Day Lotion

Anti-aging Lifting Protecting Day Lotion

Price: £85.00

With Tricalcium Phosphate

  • - Firms the skin and smoothes wrinkles
  • - Erases signs of aging and illuminates skin
  • - Fights against free radicals and oxidation
Dr Joanna Lovatt - Juvilis Night Cream

Anti-wrinkle Firming Night Cream

Price: £95.00

With Hydroxyapatite

  • - Regenerates and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
  • - Increases skin density and resilience
  • - Minimizes skin damage and boosts cellular activity
Dr Joanna Lovatt - Juvilis Beauty Serum

Revitalising Beautifying Serum

Price: £115.00

With Tricalcium Phosphate

  • - Fights wrinkles and erases dullness
  • - Increases skin energy for total radiance
  • - Instant glowing for perfect skin
Dr Joanna Lovatt - Juvilis Eye Complex

Total Rejuvenating Eye Complex

Price: £65.00

With Hyaluronic Acid

  • - Smoothes wrinkles and expression lines
  • - Erases circles and illuminates shadows
  • - Minimizes bags and increases micro-circulation

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