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Thermavein® - Red Vein Removal

Thread veins, spider veins, vascular blemishes, spider naevi. There are lots of words to describe red veins, but what matters is the impact they can have on your self esteem.

They are tiny, harmless veins, just below the surface of the skin, most commonly on the face and legs. The treatment of these veins depends on their location - facial veins are treated with ThermaVein alone, leg veins are treated with microsclerotherapy, sometimes in combination with ThermaVein.

ThermaVein offers the instant, safe and permanent removal for red veins and other vascular blemishes. This is done using a process called thermocoagulation which is delivered by a tiny needle the width of a hair, straight to the problem area.

A thermal pulse is introduced into the vein which causes it to permanently close. The blood that was in the vein is naturally absorbed into the body and the vein ceases to exist.

This is the gold standard treatment of facial red vein removal as there is no risk of pigmentation, burns, scars or recurrence.

It is the only vein treatment licensed for treating veins on the eyelids and nasal septum.

Recently, Dr Lovatt also had the privilege of being an expert speaker with Thermavein® at the annual Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition (ACE) 2019 where she was able to share her extensive experience in thermocoagulation and her passion for the treatment.

“We were all blown away with the expert session talk Dr Joanna Lovatt presented at #ACE2019. @drjoannalovatt is an expert in threadvein treatments and we highly recommend her clinic.”
(ThermaVein.com, March 2019)
Dr Joanna Lovatt - Thermavein - Red Vein Removal
  • Price: £200.00 per treatment

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